Jan. 26, 2021

How To Overcome Your Fear of Anything With BBC Travel’s Mike Corey

How To Overcome Your Fear of Anything With BBC Travel’s Mike Corey

Learn how to overcome your deepest fears, find happiness, and achieve your dream career and lifestyle with Mike Corey, Host of The BBC Travel Show and YouTube’s Fearless and Far.

Learn how to overcome your deepest fears, find happiness, and achieve your dream career and lifestyle with Mike Corey, Host of The BBC Travel Show and YouTube’s Fearless and Far. 


Five years ago, Mike made the decision to quit his safe and secure (but boring) job to pursue his dream of making travel videos. His choice paid off and now he’s here to share how he did it so you can, too. 


In this episode of Badass Digital Nomads, Mike and Kristin break down the mindset shifts required to overcome the different fears holding you back from pursuing a lifestyle beyond the mainstream. They also speak on the challenges of full-time travel, especially during COVID, and discuss why the world’s most dangerous countries are actually much safer than you’d think! 


At the end of the interview, Kristin asks Mike two questions he's never been asked on a podcast before. Then, he shares his candid thoughts on travel versus luxury tourism, the best off-the-radar countries he’s been to in the world (out of 80+ countries), and few times that he truly felt his life was in danger while traveling (like that one time, at a Mexican fireworks festival...) 


If you’re determined to overcome what's been holding you back,  uncover the best version of yourself, and get a major dose of travel inspiration, buckle in for the ride and let's do this!


(Warning: Explicit Content)


"The cave you fear to enter hides the treasure that you seek." - Joseph Campbell



  • The quickest way to get un-stuck in life.
  • Why looking dumb is the first step at being badass at something.
  • How to boost your serotonin by doing hard things. 
  • Where Mike traveled during the pandemic and the differences he noticed in those countries compared to before. 
  • How COVID and masks have changed how people communicate through travel. 
  • The harmful effects of fear and the news/mainstream media on society and our collective consciousness.
  • How Mike chooses which countries to go to and what to do there.
  • Why he buried himself in the sand for 24 hours in the Philippines.
  • Mike’s experience exploring body suspension.
  • How to shift your mindset and embrace your fears to achieve immense growth.
  • Advice for people who want to quit their safe and secure job to pursue something riskier.
  • The power of “f*ck you money”.
  • Why Mike dislikes high-end, luxury travel.
  • The true impact humans have on our planet and the small things we can do to help save it.
  • The difficulties and negative aspects of traveling full-time.
  • Mike’s experience at the Bulls of Fire Fireworks Festival in Mexico.
  • The most underrated and safest countries to travel to.
  • Mike’s favorite neighborhood in Mexico City and the story behind the Mexican Flag.



  • What has it been like to travel during the pandemic?
  • Is it irresponsible to travel during COVID-19?
  • What are the most dangerous countries to go to?
  • Why is Stoicism an important part of the life of a jet-set traveler?
  • Is fear a signal that we’re on the right or wrong path?
  • How do you cope with the loneliness of traveling solo full-time?
  • Have you ever regretted a decision you made in your travels or felt like you put yourself in too much danger?
  • Which countries do you keep going back to?
  • What are your travel plans for 2021?
  • How has your perspective the status quo lifestyle changed since coming back to Canada after years of traveling? 






  • Mexico
  • Yemen
  • Turkmenistan
  • Pakistan
  • Angel Falls, Venezuela
  • Mauritania
  • Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina
  • Catanduanes, Philippines
  • Sulawesi, Indonesia







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Mike Corey

Host of BBC's The Travel Show

Mike Corey is a marine biology graduate, turned filmmaker, with an intense passion for travel. After receiving his Bachelor of Science in Canada, Mike backpacked the world to volunteer as a research assistant for scientists studying ocean conservation. Bringing a camera along for these trips helped him kick off a career in travel filmmaking, which has now led to a fast-moving career as a travel YouTuber, adventure filmmaker, and TV presenter on BBC Travel.