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So good!

I’ve been listening to this podcast for a long time. I lived overseas for 22 years but not as nomad. This is so fascinating and love the information every podcast. This is in my top 10 favorite podcasts. Such great information and would like to know more of the practicalities of getting this started.


Thank you so much for the continuous, tips, ideas, and realistic conversations. I’m in the process of starting my nomad career and listen to the podcast while I drive haul truck to “finance my freedom”! Keep going girl!

Pretty Awesome

She offers a lot of great information and is really relatable

I love this podcast!

I just discovered this podcast and I absolutely love it. Kristin is super down-to-earth and relatable. I find her advice really practical and realistic. I'm so happy to have found this community of people. Keep up the good work!

Pure Gold

Love hearing Kristin’s expertise as she shares her stories and brings on awesome guests!

The best podcaster Digital Nomad lifestyle

She is by far the best. Bar none. Two thumbs up four stars. Great quality content she produced 👍👏

Thanks to this podcast, I am now living my dream!

3 years ago, I was lost and depressed in the corporate world and was in search of an alternative lifestyle. I came across this podcast and it completely changed my perspective on life! I have now been location independent for the past 6 months and lived in 3 different countries (Costa Rica, France, Morocco) and could not be happier. Thank you Kristin!

Kristin gets the best nomads!

One of the best podcasts about digital nomads for sure, love the way she introduces them and make the conversation flow. Saying that also because I was interviewed lol, but she’s one of the OG doing this lifestyle, so better listen to her!

Love the show!

Before being on the pod we listened to the show! Thanks for allowing us to share our travel stories and passion for On Arrival!

Kristin is an inspiration force for so many people

It´s a reminder for everyone listening that there are ways available to everyone to become a digital nomad or at least to travel many months a year. How to get to know people from other countries, places, and landscapes. This is still a beautiful world. Try to escape the rat race we were "educated" in college or school. Great work Kristin & team, keep motivating us your fans!

Binge worthy

I LOVE this podcast. It’s so inspiring and informative. I love hearing from all the guests all over the world and getting practical information and advice. Thank you so much!


Your podcasts are always excellent. It's good to hear that people are tuning in from so many countries. You cover great topics and interviews and give a broad picture of travel and remote work from your own perspective. You tend to get to the truth about things, which is hard to find. Very helpful.

Educational and Entertaining

Kristin's videos are always filled with helpful educational tips and she does a great job of keeping them entertaining. Always look forward to her podcasts, keep up the good work!

Trail Blazer

Kristin is such a badass! She is so easy to listen to and has so many great insights and ideas for working remote and just life in general. Thanks so much for leading the way and supporting people with a new way of doing things!

Kristin is a legend

Before remote work was cool, Kristin was at the forefront of the entire movement. She’s a legend in the community, and will lead a whole new wave of digital nomads. A must listen!

Worth it every time

I’ve been listening since before Covid to this awesome presenter. As a seasoned traveller, I am always amazed that every time I listen I learn something new, whether it’s a new perspective, a different option or it just motivates me a bit. I am successful in my career and this is one of 3 podcasts that I make sure that I listen to every week. It adds that much value to me. It’s awesome


I really appreciate the quiet but consistently grounded approach Kristin takes to this topic of sustained travel, giving a realistic and well-rounded perspective based as much in thorough research as lived experience. There is no mania here, but rather the authenticity of a modest person actually embodying a dream which is shared by many, and offering up her experience for our benefit.

So inspiring!

I love to hear this podcast, Kristin is so inspiring and i love the way she motivates us to do what we love and travel. I’like it very much. Thank you Kristin!

Love all the topics!!

Big fan here! Have been listening to Kristin for about a year. Started on YouTube, then found the podcast. Keep sharing and inspiring! It’s your gift - thank you.

This review is past due

The show continues to stay engaging in a genre where things can easily become redundant and Kristen, as a host, allows for the guests and topics to develop naturally while still maintaining a general theme throughout to deliver value.

You Set Me Free

Kristin I just happened to come across your podcast this minute and you have blown my world away!!! I have been struggling lately at every level but especially from working with a toxic boss. I felt paralyzed and unsure of what to do next where to go. In listening you opened a whole new world of possibilities!!! I have always considered myself a gypsy but have always lived a very “non-Gypsy” life. You have shown me the way. A million thanks!!

Informative and entertaining

This is now my favorite podcast! I greatly enjoy hearing Kristin’s perspective on traveling around the world and working for herself. I have been inspired by the ideas she has shared to help others who want to work from anywhere in the world on their terms. The guests that have been interviewed are funny, thoughtful, creative and passionate. Looking forward to the next episode!

So wholesome!

I truly have enjoyed this podcast. 🙂 Kristin is such a genuine authentic person who has such a soothing voice. Kristin’s service is kindness and thoughtfulness, and listening to her has helped provide a lot of practice in enjoying little things for me. She has some really great guests and I like how she learns with us throughout her podcast. She doesn’t come off as all knowing and you can tell she genuinely loves creating episodes for this show. I really look forward to each and every upload. I also can’t wait to see how the podcast evolves once it grows even more. 😉🙂😎✌️

Great content, organized, creative, well informed and very professional

I follow Kristen and have yet to be disappointed by a weekly installment. She is passionate about travel and the business of working as a digital nomad. Watch one episode and you too will be hooked.

Super Inspiring

Really love this podcast! Kristin is kind, polite and very knowledgable. I am learning a ton! Thanks Kristin! Haven’t signed up yet, but plan to become a Patreon.

Inspiring and Kind!

I thoroughly enjoy listening to Kristin’s interviews and her personal story. This podcast is inspiring and Kristin is so clearly intentional and kind in her life and work. Whether or not you’re interested in the digital nomad life, this is a feel-good podcast!

Super Adventurous

One of the Best and inspirational women

Ruby Rose Digital Nomads

That was awsome! I follow Ruby Rose and you shined a new light on their epicness! My first episode with you; very inspirational. I get to work at home in software development. Looking forward to binge-listening your shows!

Standing out by being outstanding!

Kristin is an expert on the subject and produces a high-quality podcast with interesting guests and thoughtful approaches to the digital nomad lifestyle. She dispenses advice and news with personality and enthusiasm and is a breath of fresh air in a crowded (and sometimes bro-centric) market. She is definitely a top tier content creator while also being an approachable and genuinely great human being that cares about and wants to help her audience.

Highly recommend

Dope podcast✊🏿