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Informative and entertaining

This is now my favorite podcast! I greatly enjoy hearing Kristin’s perspective on traveling around the world and working for herself. I have been inspired by the ideas she has shared to help others who want to work from anywhere in the world on their terms. The guests that have been interviewed are…

So wholesome!

I truly have enjoyed this podcast. 🙂 Kristin is such a genuine authentic person who has such a soothing voice. Kristin’s service is kindness and thoughtfulness, and listening to her has helped provide a lot of practice in enjoying little things for me. She has some really great guests and I like …

Great content, organized, creative, well informed and very professional

I follow Kristen and have yet to be disappointed by a weekly installment. She is passionate about travel and the business of working as a digital nomad. Watch one episode and you too will be hooked.

Super Inspiring

Really love this podcast! Kristin is kind, polite and very knowledgable. I am learning a ton! Thanks Kristin! Haven’t signed up yet, but plan to become a Patreon.

Inspiring and Kind!

I thoroughly enjoy listening to Kristin’s interviews and her personal story. This podcast is inspiring and Kristin is so clearly intentional and kind in her life and work. Whether or not you’re interested in the digital nomad life, this is a feel-good podcast!

Super Adventurous

One of the Best and inspirational women

Ruby Rose Digital Nomads

That was awsome! I follow Ruby Rose and you shined a new light on their epicness! My first episode with you; very inspirational. I get to work at home in software development. Looking forward to binge-listening your shows!

Standing out by being outstanding!

Kristin is an expert on the subject and produces a high-quality podcast with interesting guests and thoughtful approaches to the digital nomad lifestyle. She dispenses advice and news with personality and enthusiasm and is a breath of fresh air in a crowded (and sometimes bro-centric) market. She i…

Highly recommend

Dope podcast✊🏿

Always learning something useful 😊

I found Kristin's podcast in 2020 and it has helped me to stay positive and focused whilst being stuck at home all year. I'm always learning something useful from her and her guests. Once the pandemic subsides, I hope to take what I've learned from this podcast and hit the road again 🌎✈️🏝

Love the podcast!

Kristin has a wealth of experience and insight gained from many years living and mastering the digital nomad lifestyle. That translates into a great podcast that can help people who want to pursue remote work, solopreneurship, becoming a digital nomad, or really any sort of lifestyle with more free…

Informative and entertaining!

What a find! Kristin’s podcast has quickly become one of my favorites since I discovered it late in 2020. I spent a couple of weeks binge-listening as well as checking out the blog and Youtube channel. I just could not get enough! If you like hearing about practical tips on the digital nomad lifest…

The RISE of the Remote Worker & Work from Anyplace

Kristin knew this before anyone else. The future of work is to be able to work from anywhere in the world🌎 She is also very knowledgeable at any visa requirement, for any country. Her YouTube channel was always the 1st I would jump to so I could find out which countries were opening back up or cl…

Amazing Podcast for Digital Nomads

I love Kristin's podcast. Great insights into top digital nomad destinations and super professionally done. Kristen brings a super authentic approach, awesome experiences and guests to the show! Thank you for the awesome work!

Love this podcast!

This is a great podcast, really helpful for traveling entrepreneurs and solopreneuers working as digital nomads. Great interviews, really helpful stuff!

A must-listen for nomads

Kristin is an amazing, engaging host with years of real world experience traveling the world as a digital nomad. This podcast is an absolute must-listen for anyone considering a remote work / digital nomad lifestyle!

Aspiring Digital Nomad

Love this podcast! Straight up advice and raw conversations. I came across this podcast randomly.

Unique and inspiring perspective on life

Kristin has been all over the world and has so much useful advice about life. Her unique perspective inspires and educates people of all ages. Her podcast has helped me start my first online business during the pandemic. She rocks! I definitely recommend everyone listen to her because you will lear…

Keeps getting better!

Really enjoying this podcast! Starting listening over the past few months and Kristin has great energy and super relevant topics. Some awesome guests in the mix, especially the most recent one this week! Looking forward to more :)

Very Informational and Inspiring

Kristin’s podcasts are my go-to when on a long drive. I’m working to become a remote worker and her podcasts are helping me get there by providing information I can apply today, and motivating me to do them.

Awesome Content!

Cheers on your podcast!! Looking forward to your next episodes!

Love this series

Love the content and info.

Very informative

It is always a time for having a good time and learning while listening to Kristin, and she is a person you can connect and ask her question and she will always respond with clear answers.


I’ve listened to many dig nomad podcasts.... this is the best. Kristin really is someone who gets things done, it is amazing to me how successful she really is at working independently. There are those that talk about getting things done, and those that actually do it, start and finish. Inspiration…

Highly recommended

I love listening to the podcast. Kristin provides so much information about traveling and becoming a digital nomad. She does an excellend job interviewing her guests and providing great advice. Can't get enough, well done!

Love it!

Great job Kristin! Your podcast is very informative! I watched your youtube livestream today. Great job.

Unbelievably insightful

Kristin has a way of explaining complex topic in such an insightful, easy to digest way. I listen to her on my commute to work and I've learned so much about entrepreneurship and becoming a digital nomad. Highly recommend!

Amazing Podcast for Digital Nomads

I love Kristin's podcast. Great insights into top digital nomad destinations and super professionally done. Thank you for the awesome work!


Kristin’s podcast is inspiring and important for anyone to listen to who is or aspires to be an entrepreneur, digital nomad or even just someone who wants to find ways to have the opportunity to travel more. She has a wealth of knowledge that most anyone can find benefit from!

Lots you can learn here!

Kristin is a wealth of insight on how to transition to a location independent lifestyle and career.

Amazing Podcast for Digital Nomads!

Kristin’s Podcast is amazing, filled with tips, great advice and inspiration. Thank your for sharing!

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Kristin has been active in the digital nomad community for years. She’s spent the last decade of her life to helping people relocate, go remote, and start their travel journey. Now she’s interviewing super informative guests and bringing you all their knowledge in a fun podcast format!

Digital Nomad Expert

Simply states, Kristin is an expert in the digital nomad lifestyle and she has a wealth of knowledge on so many related topics such as travel tips, health insurance, bank accounts, etc. She shares her experiences and enthusiastically answers questions for those interested in becoming digital nomads…

Gives you the confidence to become a digital nomad

Kristin's podcast entices me to drop whatever I'm doing and become a digital nomad. She has a knack for telling stories, relating to her guests, and making connections you wouldn't normally think about. She is different but relatable with a unique point of view. Most importantly, she takes away all…

Love it! Just BRILLIANT!

I love following Kristin's travels! That she's been everywhere is an understatement. The way she interviews her guests is so unique because of how she combines her business knowledge with travel experience and her genuine, grounded personality. The way she describes things makes you feel like you'r…

Nomad Up

This is THE place to hear about everything digital nomad. From their stories on becoming a digital nomad to their traveling experiences and the highs and lows of going remote, Kristin & co. cover it all. Definitely inspiring

Extremely Motivating

Fantastic podcast. Great information and awesome content. Really shows the possibilities out there. Tempting lifestyle to ponder during my commute to and from my 9-5 job 😂

Expert in nomadic living

Kristin has been working and traveling abroad for over 10 years. She’s given the best advice! 💯💯💯


Very insightful and helpful

Hands down the best podcast for people aspiring to become digital nomads

Hands-down the best podcast if you want to learn how to work online and travel the world. Interesting interviews with people that have quit their 9-5 and have been able to get out of the rat race

The most LEGIT nomad writer & podcaster!

I know Kristin personally and have worked with her on one of her other thought pieces about Digital Nomad Life. She is a prolific writer on the subject because she has been living it for years, and unsurprisingly, her new podcast reflects this too! Anyone who IS a digital nomad or WANTS to be a di…

Best Remote Work Expert in the World!

If you want to learn how to work remotely or even just create a better work life balance, Kristin is your guru! This podcast is the best way to learn all of the digital nomad tips and tricks in one place. Loved the first episode and hearing your story. I’m grateful to be on this remote work and di…

My Guests are Badasses

I’m going to review my own podcast (because why the hell not?!). 😃 It’s a combination of business, technology, travel, philosophy, stories, and culture - Like if #Tech Twitter, Tim Ferriss, Ryan Holiday, Rolf Potts, Anthony Bourdain, Rick Steves, Brooke Burke (Wild on E!) and Marie Forleo went to d…