Jan. 19, 2021

How To Overcome Loneliness While Traveling

How To Overcome Loneliness While Traveling

Loneliness is something I’m asked about frequently. It's intimidating to set off on an adventure without knowing how long you’re going to be traveling for or when you'll be "home." And, nearly one year into life under the pandemic, now is the perfect time to address this topic.

Loneliness is something I’m asked about frequently. It's intimidating to set off on an adventure without knowing how long you’re going to be traveling for or when you'll be "home." And, with the current pandemic conditions forcing many of us into a space of solitude, there’s never been a better time to speak on the topic of loneliness.


In this episode, I talk about how we can cope with feeling alone and endure the absence of human connection and adventure, as well as how to cultivate peace of mind.


Solo travel has helped me become comfortable with my own company and I would like to share a few lessons I’ve learned about loneliness with you, along with a few personal stories from my travels and tips for how to embrace loneliness rather than fear it. 


If we change our perspective and mindset around being alone, we can learn to turn it into a positive state of being, focusing on presence, gratitude, and fearlessness. Just as travelers are curious about the world and the unknown, we must stay curious about our feelings!


Are you hesitant to become a digital nomad or travel by yourself for fear of feeling lonely? Trust me, you’re not the only one…

Fortunately, those brief moments of loneliness that everyone encounters are always outweighed by long-lasting moments of immense joy, awe, and aliveness you feel while traveling the world. 



  • The various definitions of loneliness (and if they're accurate)
  • The sense of self that is uncovered through travel
  • The difference between loneliness and being alone
  • Solitude and solitary confinement? (It's all in our heads)
  • Tips for shifting your mindset around loneliness and alone time
  • What happens when we resist loneliness and what happens if we embrace it
  • The connection that comes from moments of solitude
  • The possibility of feeling lonely while surrounded by other people
  • Stories from my travels about finding balance between feeling loneliness and contentment
  • How to cope with loneliness in healthy ways
  • How your connection to the world changes once you become a digital nomad
  • How full-time travelers feel about loneliness


*Two things all digital nomads, remote workers, and world travelers need:* 




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