March 31, 2020

How to Adopt Remote Work and Adapt to Change and Uncertainty with an Australian Tech Founder and CEO

How to Adopt Remote Work and Adapt to Change and Uncertainty with an Australian Tech Founder and CEO

Interview with Matt Barnett, the Founder and CEO of an Australia-based video marketing app, Bonjoro

Matt Barnett is a British designer and CEO of Bonjoro, a video marketing app out to "disrupt conventional business communication with personalized video emails." In the first half of this interview, Matt and I talk about the impact of the Coronavirus in Australia and across the world.

We then go back in time and talk travel - discussing what #VanLife was like in Portugal 15 years ago and how Matt funded his travels through Bali, Honduras, and Indonesia before moving to Australia after a breakup.

The second half of the interview is full of remote work and entrepreneur tips, as well as how to use video in your email marketing to grow your business. 

We cover how Matt transitioned from being an artist to a CEO and his remote work advice for people and companies who have be sent home for Coronavirus - such as: 

  • How to operate across time zones
  • How to maintain a company culture remotely
  • What types of job perks employers should be offering
  • How to combat loneliness while working from home
  • How to hire a remote team
  • Attributes he looks for in remote employees
  • Which WiFi and data plan he uses while traveling
  • And more

We also discuss the benefits of joining or starting your own mastermind before moving into the Lightning Round. 

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About Bonjoro: Bonjoro helps you easily send personalized videos to your customers, allowing you to build powerful, lasting connections while increasing conversion, email open rates, and retention. Bonjoro integrates with your existing email marketing and CRM software and is perfect for freelancers, entrepreneurs, E-commerce, educational institutions, creators, charities, consultants, and big business. 

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