Aug. 17, 2021

8 Things That Happen When You Travel Full-Time

8 Things That Happen When You Travel Full-Time

Being a full-time traveler isn’t always as blissful as dancing in the streets of Havana, Cuba with a mojito in each hand or sitting on a sunny mountaintop in Norway. Of course, traveling allows us to experience euphoric moments like these, but it...

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Being a full-time traveler isn’t always as blissful as dancing in the streets of Havana, Cuba with a mojito in each hand or sitting on a sunny mountaintop in Norway. Of course, traveling allows us to experience euphoric moments like these, but it also brings about obstacles and difficult moments that challenge us along the way.

In Episode 121 of Badass Digital Nomads, Kristin highlights 8 things that happen when you become a full-time digital nomad and 4 powerful pieces of advice that will help you overcome those challenges so you can have the best travel experience possible.

Despite the uncertainty that comes with the digital nomad lifestyle, this podcast was created to be a valuable resource for you so that you know what to expect from full-time solo travel.  With this insight, you can go out into the world as a prepared and confident nomad! 


“That which you seek to live well is found everywhere.” - Seneca



  • How you can feel the highs and the lows of travel at the same time - the polarity of life [2:35]
  • Why you sometimes have to go through hard times and challenges to get to the best parts of life [4:01]
  • Your personal bucket list is as unique as your DNA, but that doesn't mean you have to do everything alone without guidance or support [5:01]
  • A friend’s personal struggle with being a long-term traveler (tension between moving around and remaining still/grounded). [6:13]
  • Philosphers were talking about the pros and cons of wanderlust 2,000 years ago [10:26]
  • Viewer and listener reactions, comments, and advice on this topic of the challenges of full-time travel [11:45] 
  • What to do if you’re a traveler who misses having pets or plants. [13:42]
  • Welcome to Kristin's newest Patreon Patrons and everyone who has bought coffees [16:10]
  • Kristin is relaunching her second YouTube channel - Digital Nomad TV! Subscribe at [17:24]
  • Sustaining a full-time traveler lifestyle & how Cal Newport’s theory of slow productivity relates to "slow travel." [18:22]

8 Things That Happen When You Travel Full-Time:

  • Start of the segment [20:47]
  • Challenge #1: The nightmare of full-time travel logistics. [21:29]
  • Challenge #2: Lack of sleep and energy management leads to exhaustion. [22:08]
  • Challenge #3: Why it’s difficult to establish a daily routine. [22:47]
  • Challenge #4: The effects of loneliness as a full-time traveler. [23:49]
  • Challenge #5: Dating for digital nomads. [24:32]
  • Challenge #6: Experiencing major FOMO (fear of missing out) as a full-time traveler. [25:03]
  • Challenge #7: Minimalist travel & Missing your old hobbies. [26:07]
  • Challenge #8: Travel burnout, Anthony Bourdain, and Why humans aren’t built for modern full-time travel. [27:15]


TOP TRAVEL TIPS: How to Prevent and Overcome Challenges [29:02]

  • #1 - Find your “why”. [29:10]
  • #2 - Remember that travel won’t solve your problems! [29:44]
  • #3 - Indulge in slow travel or take a break. [30:36]
  • #4 - Connect with friends, family, and community. [31:00]
  • Why you should travel despite the challenges. [31:54]
  • Conclusion and resources + thanks to Sophie from UK for the 5-Star podcast review! [33:00]

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