Aug. 4, 2020

The Dangers of Work From Home Burnout and What to Do About It

The Dangers of Work From Home Burnout and What to Do About It

(I burnt out last week.)

Have you felt more tired, stressed, negative, or ineffective since you started working remotely? If so, you may be burnt out. But you’re not alone.

Work-from-home burnout is quickly becoming the next societal health crisis. A reported 70% of Americans have experienced burnout since the pandemic started, up from 52% in May.

Rather than a medical condition, the World Health Organization (WHO) describes burnout as an “occupational phenomenon” or “syndrome” stemming from chronic, unaddressed work stress.

Working remotely offers the potential for more flexibility and work-life balance. Unfortunately, most people are replacing their daily commutes with more time at their desks.  

I'm no doctor, but I've experienced burnout multiple times in my career - including last week - when I had to call 911 from my home.

Tune into today's episode to hear what happened and how you can avoid work-from-home burnout in the future. 



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