Badass Digital Nomads

My Guests are Badasses

I’m going to review my own podcast (because why the hell not?!). 😃 It’s a combination of business, technology, travel, philosophy, stories, and culture - Like if #Tech Twitter, Tim Ferriss, Ryan Holiday, Rolf Potts, Anthony Bourdain, Rick Steves, Brooke Burke (Wild on E!) and Marie Forleo went to dinner together on Necker Island before they were famous. Or something like that.

These are the things I like about it:

1. It started as a show on YouTube and now you can watch live and ask questions in real time (so fun). Any previously-recorded episodes are meticulously edited with supporting video footage of the guest and related topics to add context.

2. My guests are dope. They’re mostly underdogs on the rise that you probably haven’t heard of but would want to be friends with imho. It’s an interesting combination of people. Every day, I spend hours reading, writing, and speaking about digital nomadism and remote work. Any time I come across a cool person, company, or service in my research or IRL, I ask them to come on the show and share their wisdom so my viewers and listeners can be the first to know and level up in online business, freelancing, or any other type of remote work (while traveling!).

Sometimes we’re remote on Zoom or Hangouts, sometimes we’re drinking smoothies together on the beach in Brazil, and sometimes we’re drunk. You never know.

Mixed Reviews: My voice 🗣 - you’ll either love it or hate it! 😂

Needs work: Sound quality is shaky on a few early episodes but we have it dialed in now! 🎤

I love my podcast, guests, YouTube squad, and listeners and I hope you do too! 💞

May 16, 2019 by TravelingWithKristin on Apple Podcasts

Badass Digital Nomads