Feb. 23, 2021

How To Make $10K/Mo as a Digital Nomad Copywriter in Budapest

How To Make $10K/Mo as a Digital Nomad Copywriter in Budapest

After struggling with addiction in college, Francis Nayan decided to take a job teaching English in Europe. That's when he stumbled upon a meet-up group for digital nomads in Budapest, and everything changed...

After struggling with addiction and overdosing in college, Francis Nayan decided to take a job teaching English in Europe. Unfortunately, the pay wasn’t very good ($800 per month).

But luckily, Francis stumbled upon a meet-up group for foreigners in Budapest, Hungary where he met digital nomads making money online for the first time.

Fast-forward a couple years and Francis now makes $100K+ per year a freelance email copywriter and content strategist.

In this podcast, Francis and Kristin give testimony to how simple it can be to start making money online and leading a lifestyle of location independence.

Francis shares how he got started in the online business world, the benefits of how expat meetups can help you meet people abroad, and how he got his first big client as a freelancer. 

He explains his concept of “laptop before lifestyle” and shares some of his favorite productivity hacks.

Francis also gives a ton of recommendations for things to do in Hungary and offers advice for those in recovery from addiction who are striving for freedom. 

If you’re interested in learning how to make an income as a copywriter to fund a location independent lifestyle, this episode is packed with valuable resources and insights that will help you achieve that!



  • Why Francis chose to live and work remotely in Mexico and Hungary.
  • How he learned to write copy and start a freelance copywriting business.
  • How his studies in anthropology and archaeology helped him as a writer and a world traveler.
  • The unique benefits of expat and digital nomad meetups, like International Meeting Point.
  • How to go from making dollars off Upwork to getting big clients and big paychecks.
  • The various ways writers can make money online.
  • The reality of living and working remotely.
  • Advice on dealing with temptation in addiction recovery.
  • The simple productivity/remote work tool Francis can’t live without. 
  • Budapest Travel Tips:
    • Recommended sights to see 
    • Restaurants to visit
    • The best co-working spaces in Budapest



  • What are the different income streams you have and how did you set those up?
  • What are some recommended resources for aspiring freelance writers?
  • What do you wish you had known before becoming a full-time digital nomad?
  • Could you ever see yourself going back to working a traditional 9-5 job?
  • What are your favorite places you’ve traveled to for leisure and for work?
  • How much does your Airbnb in Mexico cost?
  • What traditional food dishes should people try when they travel to Hungary?
  • And much more!



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