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Vlad Glebov

CEO and founder of CoLife

Vlad Glebov is a serial entrepreneur and nomad on a mission. After starting several successful ventures he has now turned his focus towards his next startup called, CoLife co-living and a non-profit called Project Earthian. Vlad is passionate about helping people see the world through a new lens - Earth First.

June 18, 2019

Being a Global Citizen with Russian-American Digital Nomad, Vlad Glebov

Vlad Glebov, the CEO of CoLife, and Kristin discuss what a world without borders would be like. Vlad is a serial entrepreneur and nomad on a mission. In this podcast, we discuss the possible long-term consequences for humans if we continue to divide our population into countries and discuss possible solutions. We also look at how game theory has impacted the current global economy and how nomads can change the world in the near future.

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