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We are a couple of corporate rescues in our mid-thirties who after 10 years of chasing the next pay raise, quit our office jobs and abandoned the comfort of land to pursue a life of adventures at sea on our sailboat, Polar Seal. Since 2016, we have sailed about 25000 nautical miles to over 15 countries, in the Baltic Sea, around Western Europe, in the Mediterranean, the Caribbean, and across the Atlantic three times.
We are currently spending hurricane season in Bermuda until Sophie's green card is approved and we can start sailing in the United States.

March 14, 2023

Sailing Couple, Ryan and Sophie, on Culture Shock, Mental Health, and Living an Unconventional Lifestyle

French-American sailing couple, Ryan and Sophie, talk about the struggles and benefits of sailing the world and living an unconventional digital nomad lifestyle. They shine light on why they left their jobs to travel abroad and the challenges of dating in foreign countries.

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