Palle Bo

Award-winning Radio Producer/ Full-time traveler

Palle Bo is a long-time radio producer from Denmark. With a background in advertising, he started in radio in 1985. In his career, he has been a morning host, sales manager, station manager, and co-founder and still co-owner of 17 radio stations. Currently, he is the founder, owner, and CEO of Radioguru, a production and consultant company where he develops radio campaigns, produces podcasts and sound design, runs courses and workshops for radio stations, and does lectures on radio advertising, podcasting, and creativity.

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Becoming a Digital Nomad in your 50's with Palle Bo, The Radio Vagabond

June 25, 2019

Not so long ago, Palle Bo would look at a world map in his kitchen and place pins on the countries he wanted to visit. But he didn't want to wait until he retired to start living his life, so he became a digital nomad at 51 …

Guest: Palle Bo