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Kevin Urrutia

CEO and Founder of Voy Media

Kevin Urrutia is the CEO and Founder of Voy Media. He worked for tech companies like Intuit and Zarly amid the biggest tech rush in Silicon Valley. Inevitably, he sought more opportunities and found his true lifelong passion in e-commerce. He has built brands across multiple industries and earned the title of 4X e-com entrepreneur, generating $50M in revenue a year. Most recently, he was part of developing the Shopify app Metrics Box and published a guide for aspiring digital marketers called Digital Marketing Made Easy. He is also the host of the hit marketing podcast Digital Marketing Fastlane.

December 08, 2020

How to Start a Digital Marketing Agency and Crush Facebook Ads

Interview with Kevin Urrutia of Voy Media and the Digital Marketing Fastlane Podcast

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