Johannes Voelkner

Founder of Nomad Cruise/ Digital Nomad

In 2015, Johannes Voelkner turned a crazy flash of genius into a company, which today has created the legendary Nomad Cruise. After years of digital nomading, he sought to create a platform for individuals like him, who wanted to connect with like-minded people sharing the same lifestyle. He started the WebWorkTravel community, wrote a guidebook for digital nomads, founded Nomad Cruise and the rest is history.

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From Virtual Assistant to Founding the Biggest Online Digital Nomad Community in the World

March 17, 2020

Johannes Voelkner, Founder of Nomad Cruise, started as a college student-turned Virtual Assistant working on minimum wage in South Africa before he figured out how to apply the 4-Hour Work Week to his life. After that, he es…