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Jason Pizzino

Investor and Finance Educator

Jason Pizzino is the founder of the Investing and Personal Finance YouTube channel “Jason Pizzino” with over 30,000 subscribers. He helps exceptional people grow their financial knowledge to become successful, independent investors, and regain their time back from the grind. He began immersing himself in the investment world when he was 19 back in 2005 through the property market, as a landlord, renovator, and ultimately a developer. In 2010, he learned how to trade commodities and stocks using technical analysis and later added fundamental analysis to his repertoire during the wild Cryptocurrency Bull Market of 2017. His investing journey has been filled with testing many investment products and services with many failures and successes to speak of, such as mezzanine finance, metro, and regional property investing, and cryptocurrency trader. All have given him the knowledge and confidence to share what he has learned through his educational YouTube channel and Wealth Creation Community of keen investors.

October 29, 2019

How to Stay Fit & Healthy While Traveling as a Digital Nomad

Australian digital nomad, Jason Pizzino, gives his tips on health, fitness, intermittent fasting, traveling as a couple, and becoming financially independent through geo-arbitrage. This is a live podcast with Jason in Greece and Kristin in Florida. Jason talks about the food in Greece, his diet while traveling, how long he's been a digital nomad, how he stays in shape on the road, and what he eats in a typical day in Athens, Greece.

How To Digital Nomad Expats And Living Abroad Places & Travel Mental Health And Wellness