Jari Roomer

Founder of Personal Growth Lab

Jari Roomer is the founder of the Personal Growth Lab. He helps high-achievers work smarter so they can get more done in just a fraction of the time. Jari worked with peak performers from all walks of life - CEOs, start-up founders, university students, freelancers, and authors. He has spent years experimenting with hundreds of productivity techniques, systems, and apps, and now he shares the most effective ones in his articles, courses, and productivity planner. When Jari's not running his two businesses, he's spending my time traveling, watching football (I'm a big Ajax fan), investing in the stock market, or exploring the streets of my hometown, Amsterdam.

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How to Achieve Massive Productivity & Peak Performance as a Remote Worker or Online Entrepreneur

Oct. 22, 2019

Find out how to maximize your productivity as a remote worker or online entrepreneur with Jari Roomer, Founder of The Personal Growth Lab. Jari is a Top Writer on Medium in Productivity, Entrepreneurship, Self Improvement, a…

Guest: Jari Roomer