Carrie McKeegan, MBA

CEO & Co-Founder of Greenback Expat Tax Services

Carrie McKeegan is an energetic business professional, long-term expat, parent, and travel lover. After earning her international MBA and spending 15 years in corporate roles in New York and London, Carrie and her husband David McKeegan co-founded Greenback Expat Tax Services—a company that provides hassle-free tax preparation to Americans living abroad. As CEO, she leads a team of 40+ people living on 6 continents, serving customers in 212 countries and territories. A master at adapting corporate best practices to the needs of modern businesses, Carrie loves to share her expertise on building remote teams, company culture, and leadership. Carrie can be reached at .

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Moving Overseas with 3 Kids and Investing in Real Estate Abroad (Founders of Greenback Tax Services)

July 20, 2021

After becoming frustrated with the confusion around paying US taxes abroad while living in London, David and Carrie McKeegan founded Greenback Tax Services, a tax prep company for expats living overseas.  In part 1 of this i…