Brie Weiler Reynolds

Career Coach/ Resume Writer/ Public Speaker/ Educator/ Content Creator

Brie Weiler Reynolds leads a team of outstanding career coaches who help professionals find jobs, especially jobs with flexible and remote options. Design and deliver online career services and engage job-seeking professionals through remote coaching, webinars, downloadable guides, videos, and other media. As a career coach, resume writer, public speaker, educator, and content creator, her goal is to share the tools and resources people need to take control of their job search strategies. Her background includes five years in higher education career services and 10 years in digital and online career services. Brie's approach to work is always creative, friendly, and organized. She loveslearning new things so she can teach new things.

Remote Work Careers And Remote Jobs How To Work From Home

How to Find Remote and Work-from-Home Jobs with Brie Reynolds of FlexJobs

March 3, 2020

Brie Weiler Reynolds is a writer, career coach, and Human Resources professional who helps people overcome their roadblocks to discover career happiness. Today, Brie offers career, hiring, and work-life balance advice throug…