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Alexandra Fasulo is freelancing and side hustle commentator, author of Freelance Your Way to Freedom, host of the Freelance Fairytales podcast, CNBC contributor, and owner of the weekly gig economy news reporting newsletter, the Forum. She is also the owner of Fortuna Forum, a suite of online financial freedom resources, courses, PDFs, and downloads.

Alex quit her corporate job in 2015 with no plan, money saved, or idea what she was going to do. After experimenting with dozens of online side hustles, Alex discovered freelance writing on Fiverr. By 2018, she was earning over $300,000 from her laptop, writing press release, blogs, and ebooks for clients. After sharing her story on social media, Alex has gone on to amass a following of over 900,000 across social media.

In 2022, Alex has turned her freelancing business into a passive pursuit, now spending her time creating online content, writing books, investigating gig economy stories, and traveling when she can.

November 08, 2022

Making $378K per Year as a Fiverr Freelancer With Alex Fasulo

Want to earn six figures as a freelancing online? Learn the best freelancing tips and tricks from self-made Fiverr millionaire and entrepreneur extraordinaire, Alex Fasulo. In this episode, Alex shares the exact steps she took to become a financially independent freelancer, the most common mistakes new freelancers make, and the six tools she uses to run her freelancing business.

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